A new collection, voluntarily based on “purity” to highlight the lines and curves of the toes and the heels of the shoes that this season place a new focus on the ankle, the designer’s favourite part of the foot, and showcase the nobility and the work of the materials.

On a 100 mm pyramidal heel, 90 mm neo-fifties heel, as well as on the House’s iconic 60 mm “Kitten” heel, booties, the collection’s iconic models, are highlighted: tight and zipped up the back, they play with contrasts. Minimalist sophistication – on either chrome or lacquered heels – in lambskin enhanced with metallic accessories, alligator print-embossed calfskin in a truly “downtown” vibe… lambskin embossed with ultra-glamorous “caviar grain”, in braided lambskin with one-of-a-kind, tiled motifs, or even more fetish-like, in stretch, black vinyl fabric embellished with an unsettling flower in “Pigalle” red PVC.

Featured in pony hair-style calfskin for the modern “horsewomen”, who tread the tarmac as if it were the red carpet… in booties, of course!

Models bordered in elastic allow slipping on the pumps and low boots for ultra-chic, easy wear which is offered for day in lambskin, at times embellished with a flower in PVC, in a very galactic, iridescent, purplish grey… for evening, it is offered in “naplak” patent leather… sheathing the foot and highlighting the ankle. Finally, for evening, sandals are either open or closed at the toe, with wide straps that crisscross around the ankles, all in black, silver grey, or dreamy lilac pony hair, embellished with chrome heels with futuristic allure.

The colour range begins with vibrant pastels: nude, “Parisian sky” grey and Lilac, which strike against an omnipresent black, the “iconic” colour of the collection that is presented with a very deep burgundy and intense, deep red… a resolutely “arty-tradi” collection where minimalism, savoir-faire and hints of “fancy” meld together by osmosis.

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