“90 Riverside Drive” comes as the brand’s sixth collection, introducing the nomadic and international evolution of Angelia Ami: the project was born and developed in New York, evoking Manhattan at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s.

The collection is an ironic and current re-elaboration of the style icons of New York’s socialité -from Carolyn Kennedy-Bassette to Louise Melhado, from Nina Grissom to Marella Agnelli.

The city is where the Fall Winter 2019/20 Collection takes place: oversized coats match with classic pleated trousers, men’s shirts coexist with animalier printed fabrics, accompanied by sneakers and irregularly shaped pearls.The research starts with coats, in classic fabrics, such as brown and beige wool, pied de poule, smooth and ribbed velvets -then shades of orange, with leather and technical fabrics, bordeaux suede and a bit of lilac.The dresses and shirts’ section is made of silk satin, animalier designs, printed and shown on jacquard, then japanese gingham and jersey viscose: the lilac comes back, with a gray, brown, beige and white scale, clear and delicate.Manhattan summarizes Angelia Ami’s woman, from a privileged point of view on the exploration of a new female world.

Each outfit is made up of different inspirations: nostalgic clothes, movies, TV series, old blogs, social media, pictures that we take every day.

The collection is dedicated to the female community that surrounds Angelia: different combinations of different people, transformed into different pieces of clothes, united together in a classic and sophisticated wardrobe.

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