Like the protagonist of “The Night Porter” by Liliana Cavani, inspiration is drawn from the military for a strong, determined, fearless woman. The motorcycle biker boots alternate with riding boots, with tank soles armed in rubber and a wink of fetish.

The collection does not recognize half-measures: from the biker ankle boot, comfortable and aggressive, with an ultra-feminine stiletto heel, to the open and close-toed thigh-high boots, to the evening sandals with the iconic wing that characterises the brand, always featuring an aggressive touch that never veers into sentimental.

Winter 2018 witnesses the use of new materials that render everything hotter: patent leathers, calfskins, tiger-print, stingray and suedes. Intense purple, Venetian red, stainless steel, military green and absolute black give the collection a strong, determined tone.

The new shape of the season is lightly rounded and tapered, with a wide, 9 heel which is used for boots and ankle boots in suede, calfskin or patent leather. The 12 heel with light platform is found on open-toed models and sandals, but also on close-toed shoes that are very sexy and aggressive.

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