An essential collection. Essential in terms of volumes and proportions, which create highly contemporary linear effects.

Feminine shapes, to be worn as nonchalantly as if they were menswear pieces. In a collection made up of overlaps, hybrids and cross-cultural references, ikat – a traditional Eastern pattern – becomes a strong motif, coming close to resembling faded graffiti.

Emporio-Armani-Womenswear_fw 2015/16

Precious shades define a sumptuous colour scheme, with deep, rich tones of ruby, sapphire, amethyst, moonstone and black onyx, which emphasise the purity of the shapes. Textiles stimulate the senses of sight and touch, creating suggested or solid lines over the body.

Skirts hit knee length, while trousers reveal bare ankles. Garments are often sleeveless, and shoulders are clearly defined. As a surprising element, ruffles are a recurring theme, turning into belts, collar points, bag straps, and necklaces.

Emporio-Armani-Womenswear_fw 2015/16

Accessories include small, rigid shoulder bags decorated with buckles and classic-patterned fabric, leather handbags with asymmetric ruffled edges, elegant ikat-print Saffiano leather shopping bags, and leather satchels in solid colours. Shoes come with a masculine edge and in tapered shapes for daytime, or with the new, solid column-heels, for evening time.

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