An accelerated wardrobe. techno-tailoring for the digital generation.
Dynamism, performance and innovation are the keywords of a collection that upgrades the man’s wardrobe, resetting garments, design solutions and constructions.
A fast urban scenario featuring innovative materials with a major focus on comfort, in which laser cuts and bonded strips and seams describe an aesthetic reconciling the new forms. denim is the new passe-partout: bonded with leather or insulated strips it goes with the most classic bouclé and prince of wales check fabrics. sportswear and tailoring come together in an innovative form of morphing: jackets conceal interiors with tape and reflective trim. Futuristic leather appliqué appears on jackets, shirts and sweaters in an updated version of military braiding. Volumes redefine the silhouette: jackets may be long or short, tube trousers are wide and closed at the bottom or have deep gathers.
Organic hues – stone grey, forest green and deep blue – are the colours of the collection.
Accessories are dynamic and pragmatic in character: shoes with rounded toes and injected soles are strong and ultralight; maxi bags in high-tech shapes have calfskin trim printed with wood grain; and jeans come with bonded seams. ea7 skiwear sparkles with silver and graphics, designed with stratospheric space in mind.


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