The “journey”, a recurring theme to the maison, is the celebration of a change, of a transition. It is the arrival point of a travel on the road that starts from Texas deserts to the ever changing urban scenarios, thus sealing the last era of Frankie Morello world.
Created by the new stylistic team, the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection proceeds by mixing past and the present references in a continuous recall of silhouettes and fabrics.

The Man collection winks at Texan landscapes with deconstructed coats, digital prints and brocades, it runs through the city in constant change and frenetic movement, thanks to prints and patches typical of “fast forwarders” and “w-i-p” signs reproduced on bomber, duvets, sweatshirts, shirts and t-shirts.

The fit can be regular or eversized depending on the different stages of the collection, but it always focuses on tailoring with a more contemporary look. The materials used, often mixed together, range from leather, to latex, to nylon with different textures including the very classic Prince of Wales.

The pop colors play on the shades of acid green, blue, red and ochre to the more classic black. Brilliant colors, almost fluorescent, are chosen as signs of a new road to follow.

For Women collection is an in between the precious and the industrial combining the classic beauty of couture with the concreteness of the street style.
It covers different silhouettes: close fitting mini-dresses and oversize dresses, tuxesos super-skinny pants and bell bottom pants. All the collection is enriched with coated lace, sequins, printed organdy,
antique gold details, vinyl and tulle.

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