This Fall Winter pieces have a distinct masculine flavor and all about hexagons. With a rather intriguing edge, supersoft chevron knits and patchwork multicolor velvet inserts impose an allure across the whole Collection.

The modernity is in the efficiency and glamour of how all jacquards are put together, quite graceful and eye-catching.
Vicedomini & ChopardThis uber style suggests that Vicedomini fully appreciates the fact that whether or not her client lives in the city, she’s certainly urbane. And so there is a sleek polish to the minimal knitwear and plenty of simple, straightforward tailoring, as well, mostly in heathery shades of grays and blushes.

Clean lines, straight pleats, geometric patterns and works on new necklines sublimate the special eye for detail Vicedomini always exudes in her pieces, after the long technical tests she dedicates her knits.

Although many sparklers are immediately noticed, like the most sensational evening look, a black stretch long dress with a high neck and an all over tulle embroidered back, fur has been a staple for ages.

Fox and rakoon turn up as an accent on a lot of looks, elevating not just the neatly tailored pieces in playful geometric “intarsio”, but also the chunky knits. The most forward-leaning look, a grey and white dress with a single big pleat down the middle of the skirt, wasn’t really about embellishments at all: the modernity was in the efficiency and glamour of its quite evocative neckline, cleverly stitched to an invisible tulle.

A turtleneck straight dress is put together from swatches of chenille and soft wool like a three-dimensional puzzle with nylon inserts.Sexy yet strict hourglass fit, dresses are rather cover up this season, although designer’s sensibility has shifted and become more sophisticated and are accompanied by delightful pumps and sandals made of exotic skins and suedes.

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