Julian Fashion announced the launch of its online shop. Cutting edge and inspirational in its development: starting by the e-commerce moving on with the innovative and nee magazine created by BMM.

The ideas and creative input given from the editorials play together like in a dance with the buyer Sabina Zabberoni choices, as delighted and enthusiastic reveals herself:
My responsibility, and my deep pleasure are to represent this professional figure for julian-fashion.com, it will not only be an e-commerce website, but also a “place” where it is possible to discover, understand, compare, dream and live fashion.

Julian Fashion online

My background has been linked to fashion for generations, tha is now become a part of my DNA. Since today I am the one following, imagining, choosing, proposing and selling fashion for you.

We will get together in the showroom of the Maisons of our dreams discovering all the news, season after season. First of all, and before everyone.

For this trip, however, I won’t be alone; the crew of the web site is made up of high-profile people, but especially fashion lovers; like me, like you.

We rolled up our sleeves to give shape to our ideas and put at your disposal the best of the fashion world by giving you the keys to an understanding that you will find original, innovative and able to give value to every single person.
Enjoy the journey.

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