“To stand out without being noticed” is the motto that captures the philosophy behind the creations Leek Handmade Jewellery.

With a degree in Philosophy with aesthetic profile and a thesis on the tissues of West Africa, Francesca Porro in 2013 develops the idea of a line of jewelry based on the art of the ancient techniques of traditional weaving learned over the years, when she worked on the restoration of tapestries and antique rugs.

Each piece , inspired by the combination between texture, shape and dimension is handcrafted by Francesca through the techniques of traditional crochet and knotting, using industrial multicolor synthetic fiber ropes, light and strong material, perfect to realize these zero carats jewels, completely produced in Italy.

Carabiners are strictly nickel-free. Knot after knot she produces ornaments whose value is in the attention to a rigorous structure that at the same time is “soft” and with a strong visual impact.

Easy to wear creations with an uncoventional personality and a sophisticated mood.

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