For her first awaited solo show in London at Lazarides gallery from June 26th to July 24th, the abstract painter Katrin Fridriks presented her brand new body of works under the title “Flying Awareness”.

Following Fridriks’ participation in 2013 group shows at the gallery, such as “Fresh Paint” or “Brutal” last October, the completion of her latest pictorial developments will invade the ground-floor of the gallery for one month.

However in keeping with her creative process engaged two years ago, “Flying Awareness” will be the strengthening of Fridriks’ unique gesture & signature : her dripping enlargements combined with her black&white “leaking effects”.Technically, in addition, through her endless work on the matter, new, thin & almost transparent layers of colours appear on the canvas.


The speed she gives to her colourful works, the movement emerging from her paintings are an invitation to apprehend her powerful abstractions through different perspectives. Working her drippings as a focus referring to the photography aesthetic, the meanderings of the drippings create a total new world to discover inside the artwork itself.

Partly inspired by her native-land and the wildlife, Fridriks’ paintings may be read/interpreted as imaginary landscapes.

Allowing reverie, the artworks act as a catalyst, offering moment of freedom and reflection. Paradoxically and as a characteristic, the abstract composition of her paintings is extremely/surprisingly graphical.

Not only are the drippings colours well-defined and aligned, their encounter on the canvas gives birth to characters. With the idea/game to find them: the eyes of a wild animal , a mask or a silhouette giving substance to a flying/running creature… as many possibilities that take shape throughout the matter/tint areas…

Katrin Fridriks’ “Flying Awareness” show is orientated towards staging the distance from the painting, highlighting the viewer perception. She plays on different levels, through the medium itself and her technique , also through the artwork.

Lazarides Gallery – 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR
t. +44 (0) 27 636 5443 //

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