Sensuality, elegance and dynamism blended into fabulous long dresses, works of art that brushed the sinuosity of a modern woman.
The Lebanese designer Rami Kadi show us Au Bal des Orchidées Noires, a collection with a baroque style with lace clouds, velvet waves, stunning cuts and bold colours. Shades of purple, yellow ocher and champagne give us the magic atmosphere of the Mediterranean.
'Au Bal des Orchidées Noires' - Rami Kadi

A bouquet of dramatic flowers, an extraordinary dance of different lines and cultures that make us dream.
Rami Kadi was born in New Jersey, raised in Lebanon and lived there most of his life. From a very young age Rami discovered his passion for arts and design. He graduated in 2005 with a French baccalaureate degree from the “Lycee Franco-Libanais Nahr Ibrahim”.

Rami decided to fulfill his dream as fashion designer and enrolled in Esmod Beirut. He gained invaluable experience in internships, particularly at Maison Rabih Kayrouz and Georges Chakra.

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