The guiding motto behind the eclectic selection? “No attitude, no entry.”
From its very creation and throughout its years of growing from a niche men’s e-tailer to a luxury online boutique, has always catered for the forward-thinking customer.

Starting June 2015, will take the next logical step of its evolution with the opening of a brand new section dedicated to gender-neutral clothing and accessories, thus offering an alternative to the classic “Men’s” vs “Women’s” dichotomy.

Labelled “No Gender”, this new retail space will offer a fresh point of view on some of the site’s most iconic labels (Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens) as well as introducing innovative new names (Rad Hourani and Hood by Air) at the forefront of the genderless shift that has taken the industry into a brand new territory over the past few seasons.

The expertly curated selection will also include a number of pieces from established brands that best reflect the core concept.

Far from a fad, the “No Gender” section stems from a strong request from global fashion consumers for a new type of approach that goes beyond the traditional gender divide. Far from theatrical, the assortment will reflect a thoroughly modern way of dressing, equally influenced by street culture as by sartorial classics; a direct response to a very contemporary taste coupled with a strong yearning for timeless style.

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