The alternative and surreal universe of BIUU brings on stage a modern outer-space displaying about 30 menswear looks and, for the very first time, ten womenswear looks.

BIUU – the cosmopolitan brand of luxury prêt-à-porter established by the founder and creative director Wu Hao – presents during the Menswear Milan Fashion Week its revolutionizing and avant-garde AutumnWinter 2019-20 collection, with a Special Show which takes place on Saturday 12th January, at Spazio Gessi, Via Manzoni 16A.

The leading inspiration of the collection is the idea of an embracing and multidimensional space, abstract and pragmatic at the same time, a privileged scenario thought for a dynamic man who is an aesthete and lover of original design. The collection is sophisticated and develops around three main themes, we are looking for Maya mystery and futuristic elements to mix with BIUU’s out-space IP to create a chemical reaction.

It starts from the Saint Collection, declined through noble materials like pure wool and tech-choices like nylon, interpreted through unique material collages and weaved with metallic parts. Technology is the soul of the Vanguard theme, thought for the en plein air life, and developed with hi-tech fibres and the application of reflecting textiles, enriched by graphic styles, wide and loose volumes. Cuts are essentials to emphasise the textiles, the prints and the colours in the Devildom theme; you see a profusion of digital patterns and luxury textiles; knitwear, prints and embroideries are protagonist, weaved with blue and fantastic color lights, reinterpreted through a out-space cyber point-of-view.

The most iconic look of the collection is the oversize parka with inside-out seams.

Established in 2016 in Paris by founder and creative director Wu Hao, BIUU is a luxury menswear brand based in Shanghai, and controlling two flagship stores in the more exclusive shopping districts mainly represented by Shanghai. The brand, after its debut in Milan, aims to strengthen its international presence in the Asia-Pacific Region and in Europe, thanks to the Paris-based branding and design headquarter and the establishment of long-term partnerships in Italy.

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