In a compelling story of counterpoint and contrast Jamie Hawkesworth’s new campaign for Miu Miu pairs intimate portraits of rising model Estella Boersma with playfully choreographed still lives in an artful juxtaposition of form and silhouette.
The campaign explores the effect of subtle and direct oppositions evident in every aspect of the images, it’s as if duality is the metaphorical script upon which these pictures are based.

Subtle yet provocative, Boersma’s beauty lies in its duality: she is innocent and sophisticated, sensual and confident, blurring femininities with poised confidence.

We see bags including two-tone satchels in luxurious leathers become feminine sculptures frozen in time and space. These magic-realist expressions are in themselves a study of the art of juxtaposition; each still life scene combines every day objects and extreme luxury with a sense of possibility and wonderment.

Miu Miu Automne 2015 Advertising Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth

Past, present and future become parallel realities – floral prints are taken from vintage upholstery and applied to sleeveless sweaters and cardigans, and modern masculine shorts suits are inspired by boy scout uniforms. Gender lines are crossed as Miu Miu’s classic blazer in grey, blue or black delivers a discreet exchange of feminine and masculine codes. A slick rain jacket in crocodile printed ciré is paired with shorts and slouched wool silk knee-high socks that oscillate between sexy and strict, ladylike and playful.

Miu Miu Automne 2015 Advertising Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth

Hawkesworth’s images transpose Miu Miu’s ongoing love affair with the power of opposites, and amplify the craftsmanship and authentic search for meaning and emotional connection at the heart of this collection.

Miu Miu Automne 2015 Advertising Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth.
Photo by Jamie Hawkesworth
Estella Boersma
Paris, January 27th 2015

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