The Spring Summer 17 collection of Neith Nyer questions the turn of the millennial and the avatar culture that is deeply linked to the beginnings of the internet. The mood is inspired by artists such as Ben Elliot and Markus Schinwald, and a movie that is very representative of that period and theme, Fight Club.

The silhouettes keep the brands codes and keep on reworking Neith Nyer’s classic pieces: slip dresses, perfectos, deconstructed tops.

The work of graphics is translated through embroideries. The exclusive jaquards and tweeds, designed in collaboration with the japanese manga artist HIZGI, tell the story of two lustful characters, phantasy like representations of the clients of the brand.

The fabrics play with transparency with organzas and techniques of pleating. Textures are mostly present through smocking and clocking to bring density and volume to the silhouettes.



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