A childhood that does not exist anymore, a different way to grow up from the one of today, children playing in the street, other who roam, free, the world’s roads.

This is the framework within which the collection SS 2017 of Valentina L Fontana develops. The aesthetics of the Neapolitan street ragamuffins of the 40s thence shakes hands to the cultural majesty of the Irish travellers, in a breathless dance that moves bodies and speaks to the hearts, in a ceaseless reference of conscious identity.

Moreover, the encounter of differences do become a vestimentary clash thanks to the fabrics that wink at the ‘Arte Povera’, playing heavily on texture and the materiality of the fabrics.

The colour palette is vibrant, treading the tones of blues and absolute white for the shirts, and raising its eyes to the delicate denim, which walks in synchrony with the pastel pinks.

Must-have of the collection, the lace that tie-ins pants and creates undisputed details of shirts and t-shirt, fashioning a sensitive graphic element that perfectly coexists in a creative divertissement of surprising silences.

Valentina L Fontana loves creating contrasts. Contrasts of lengths, shapes, materials, colors, visual and tactile sensations, always keeping alive principles such as the Made in Italy, the high quality of the fabrics, the accuracy of the package and the attention to details.

Her woman is a daring woman, aware of her femininity, who likes to attract attention without being excessive.

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