“Le Royaume Enchanté”, Rami Kadi’s latest collection unfolds within the pages of a fairytale, and is inspired by story of a 'Le Royaume Enchanté'  by  Rami Kadisleeping beauty who wakes up from an ever long sleep and finds her self within the confines of a sumptuous castle.
It is with mixed feelings of surprise, and astonishment that the gracious princess walks through'Le Royaume Enchanté'  by  Rami Kadi the aisles of the palace, and discovers a place glowing with royal opulence and yet holding an air of modernity.

It is within the castle’s main ballroom that Kadi’s collection makes its debut: from the ambient pastel colors, the laceembroideries covering the tables, and flowers held into dramatic bouquets by silk ribbons to the bead embroidered curtains and extravagant chandeliers, it is in a context of lavish royalty that the collection unfolds and sets a mood of anticipation for the latest creations of the designer.

Rami Kadi’s collection for this season sets itself in refined standards of elegance, where exquisite cuts are produced on new and innovative fabrics: Tulle, Silk Crepe, Organza, Mikado, and Lace are married into dramatic volumes and refined shapes. In line with his previouscollections, this latest creation sets yet another milestone in Kadi’s career, and creates anticipation for future releases.”

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