Bon Ton, the iconic line by Pasquale Bruni, is enriched with new colours and emotions thanks to seductive calchedonies with a fascinating historical tradition, loved by ancient peoples and noblewomen for their beauty, positive influence and charm.

The Corniola in an intense flame red is a homage to Isis and Cleopatra, feminine figures of great power and immense appeal. The light blue Calchedony is the gem of the colour of Venus.Bon Ton, the iconic line by Pasquale Bruni,

The symbol of love, beauty and creativity, it stands out for the enchanting and delicate hues of white-light blue and for the intense and deep shades of light blue-violet, which symbolise water.

Grey Agate, lastly, evokes courage and protection, a colour that expresses a strong and resolute personality.

The new shapes, exalted by the warmth of rose gold and the sparkle of white diamonds, come alongside the delicacy of pink, milky and fumé quartz, and the diamond pave versions.

In the Bon Ton collection, the gem is queen. Characterized by the shape of a flower with five petals, symbol of the Italian jewellery house,  the stone offers on both sides the typical Bon Ton cut with soft, irregular facets, which are lost in a cabochon pistil.

The floral theme gives rise to the lace visible on the back of the piece of jewellery, whilst the crown which embraces the stone is embroidered with tiny hearts, a distinctive character which gives sparkle to the gem.

Lastly, the contrarié design characterizes the new range of jewels in the Bon Ton collection.

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