From within an open air temple in Indonesia, the KXG Atelier embodies a sense of timeless intensity.
Of tropical density, richly perfumed with incense rituals – the elements abound in a deep breath of creation.

Australian natives Katharine Grace and Krishna Godhead reconnected in this place of  practiced serenity creating both a pantheon and a sanctuary on their new island home.
Together it is art they produce in their peaceful solitude.

Grace has designed globally for private clients for over 6 years, her ethereal beauty a striking muse in the relentless Indonesian elements. Godhead is a prolific international fashion photographer, creative entity and artist. After many years of working at the crest of the fashion industry, he operates now as a fever of art and creation, carnal with his environment, relinquished of all personal possessions.

Together Grace and Godhead have built a partnership dressing devoted clients.

The birth of the duo’s first Artisanal collection, KXG 01, resulted in a dance of Shaman and Muse, partners and antithesis – both living extensions of one another, linking “woman” to a state of nature.

The KXG 01 Artisanal collection was presented in Paris, in late 2014, shown as part  of a ritualistic dressing ceremony conducted by the designers themselves.
Godhead dressing Grace. In Paris, the designers invited a European audience to witness this ceremony of savage extravagance.

All chosen materials are sourced and fabricated within Indonesia – materializing from hand dyed raw fabrics, artisanal carving, traditional printing, embroidery and exotic skins.

Godhead’s dense knowledge and experience in luxury fashion and international references can be seen within the skill level of the collection. Now removed from an opulent world this wisdom becomes calm, a simplified yet extravagant vision.

Detailed corsetry, deconstructed tailoring and organic drapery has been crafted directly to Grace’s ribcage. In this role she is both creator and muse, reflecting the feminine and the flesh.

There is no clearer evidence of this affinity between the designers, than from the imagery they produce together. Godhead records Graces image in the clothes throughout all stages of development, transporting the viewer through a tangible need to explore the understanding of identity.
Thus permitting the curious to appreciate the collection through the eyes of its creators.
Authentic beasts in contemporary opulence.

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