Letting go to explore the desert, under the sun, with a hat, in glaring heat: a romantic, rebellious idea.
Thinking of Tina Modotti, with her longing for explorations and her deeply Italian roots.
Lyrical images of workers, interiors, landscapes, botanicals and a love of roses that touches the spirit of Blumarine.
Easy forms are charged with a sensuality that is carnal yet thoughtful.

The dry environment and the nomadic feel suggest a need for realness and a quest for simplicity, which at night leaves way to an intense vibration.
Surfaces get textural and tactile, opposing the delicate and the sturdy.

The dress is stripped bare of everything, recalling Modotti’s choice to dye all her dresses black to mourn her lovers.

Blouses are paired with round skirts. Flounces appear throughout.
Passion bursts suddenly, in tropical flowers blooming as woodcut prints or embroideries.
The crafty touch of raffia details and inlay works.Blumarine SS 2017

Pure white and pinks. Natural straw and raffia. Black and chocolate brown.
Physicality, presence, mystery depict a scene of rebellious romanticism.

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